Friday, 8 February 2008


I’d like to say thanks for all the encouraging comments and advice I have received since I started this blog.

I don’t think I realised how useful the blog would be with regards to advice received from other bloggers and Betfair gamblers when I initially set up the blog. The purpose of the blog was purely to help me keep track of my progress but it’s proving very helpful in giving me other ideas of how I can make The Experiment work and things to try out. After all, it is meant to be an experiment……

Some of the comments have given me some food for thought and thanks in particular to Andrew for helping me believe in myself again and thanks to Leon for the comments and advice also. I was a bit shaken by how poor I was at my first trading attempts but as I’ve recently found out by reading other blogs, this is fairly normal when people begin trading. I stupidly thought that because I know a fair amount about odds compiling and horseracing, trading would be a ‘piece of cake’. I now know that it will take a fair bit of time for me to learn how to trade properly but I’m looking forward to learning.

As I’ve stated before, this project has not really got underway yet, so I’m amazed at the number of hits and comments I’ve received. I still can’t confirm an exact date of when The Experiment will start as I’m still waiting on a date from my work of when I’ll be able to reduce my hours as well as waiting to receive my working capital from my bank. I’m still working towards a date at the start of March though, so not too far away.

I’ve been slowly building up the things I need to enable me carry out The Experiment. I now have a laptop which I plan to use in conjunction with my PC. I have also purchased screen recorder software to enable me to record all of my trading so that I can learn from my mistakes and hopefully speed up my learning. I have already purchased Bet Angel Pro as this is the software I will use to trade with, so I’m pretty well raring to go. Bring it on!!!

One thing I’m a little disappointed with is my lack of practice on Betfair up to now. Unfortunately, I’m at work all day just now and I’m studying for my professional qualification at nights, so I’m not getting the practice I need. Obviously, once this project starts for real in March, I’ll get plenty of practice every day but it would have been good to get more practice beforehand.

My next practice day (day 3) will be on Saturday, so I’ll update everyone with how I get on at the weekend.

I’m happy to discuss my trading and strategy through email if anyone wants to discuss this. My email address is shown at the top of the blog. Obviously, until this project starts, I can’t say too much as it is really all theory at the moment, but I’ll have plenty to say once this project is underway………

P.S. If you are reading this blog, please vote in my poll at the side. I’m interested to know how much people think I will earn…….. (So I can prove them wrong – only joking!)


Mark Iverson said...

Hi Graeme,

Good luck with the experiment - you're a brave man! When I get a couple of minutes I'll catch up on your plan and try and give you some feedback.

Link added - please can you return the favour?

All the best,


Brian Coplin said...

Good luck with the experiment and keep the blog updated. I have add you to my recently moved blog.

The 20k Challenge said...

Best of luck with your experiment, i'll be keeping an eye on your progress to see how your doing. From what i've learnt so far the one piece of advice i'd give you is not to give up when things get rough.

Best of luck!

P.S. I've added your link to my blog.

leonthefixer said...

good luck with the trading today mate - hope you go better than last weekend! Remember Discipline Discipline and Discipline - I am hoping to get some of your money after a few bad days! May the best man win :-)