Friday, 3 October 2008

Another Day, Another Winner.........

Daily Profit £76.00

I’m struggling for words to describe the results since I stopped the free trial but all my analyses are across at the new site for people to see……

Today, another one selection and another winner. The horse was available at 4/1 this morning and won at 10/3. Being honest, picking horses that win at 10/3 doesn’t give me great satisfaction but today, I will take an amazing amount of satisfaction from the analysis.

This morning, I first narrowed it down to 4 which included the first 3 home which paid £573 on the Trifecta. Even more importantly, I selected the right horse to select.

As I said this morning, I was very close to selecting the second home (16/1) but I decided against it (phew!). To turn down a value bet at 16/1 to select a value bet at 4/1 is a massive step in the right direction for me and shows a maturity that I probably lacked last month if I’m honest.

The key to the race was the pace and I said the front 3 would go too fast and spoil each other’s chances which was a great call. This set it up for a horse who could travel well and quicken off a fast pace and Louphole and Buy On The Red both fitted this description. The fact they finished 1st and 3rd is good but the fact I chose the correct one to back is even better!

That makes it 6 winners from 7 short prices and even better, makes it 5 winners overall this week from 6 selections (if I push my luck just a little with my half analysis – lol) or 4 winners from 5 if I exclude that. Whatever way you look at it, I’m in decent form again and the fact the guys across at the site are lapping it up is even better.

Andrew used a great quote today in a comment which said that ‘class is permanent whereas form is temporary’ and that’s basically what I was saying all last month when people appeared to be jumping out of windows when I was on the losing run. It’s very early days in this new venture and I’ve got an awful lot of work to do before I get anywhere but you can rest assured I’m working as hard as I can to find winners.

As I said last night, tonight is the final chance for anyone to sign up for £30 a month. I had a few new subscribers today which is nice and they all started with a winner which will please them. I’m really having fun across at the new site and I haven’t asked for any feedback on the site or overall service yet (we are only officially on day 3 lol) but I guess people are really enjoying it. That pleases me a great deal and as I’ve said all along, all I want is for people to get their money’s worth.

To finish tonight, I’m going to offer an apology to Racereader after my comments last night. I’ve been emailing him today and I apologised for the comments and for publishing some comments today. I didn’t mean for people to have a go at him and it all got a bit out of hand today as people were trying to post offensive comments on here to have a pop at the guy.

Last month, I was deeply affected by some of the comments that people made on here and I felt the criticism was unjust and out of order. Therefore, I know what it feels like to have people criticise you for doing little wrong. Racereader had kindly offered to send his analysis to people free of charge like I had done for all of last month and as I’ve said many times on here, I really want to encourage people to read analysis and try to learn. Therefore, I’m not going to let anonymous knobs come on here and slag the guy off.

I had hoped to lift the moderation from the blog soon but clearly, I’ve collected a little bunch of half-wits who are reading the blog and until they go away, the moderation will have to continue.


GeorgeH said...

Absolutely fantastic Graeme!
I listened to the 4.10 as I'd had a small bet on Russian Reel, but did not back it e.w. Oh well, never mind.

Having an eachway bet on NESNO in the 9.20 tonight as I have backed it twice before, and it won for me on one of those outings. I've taken 9-1 with Hills - it's always best to take a price as if it drifts you get the SP; nice deal.

Keep up the good work. You may soon be able to give up the day job at this rate!
Cheers, GeorgeH

Graeme Dand said...

Hi George.

Shame about Russian Reel. It was on my shortlist but I dropped it for the winner. Good call again and that's 3 good calls in a row!

I'll need more subscribers to give up the day job or to even cover my time tbh but if I can keep churning out the winners, I'll attract some people I guess.

Good luck for today. Fingers crossed I can get a 4 timer!