Friday, 10 October 2008

Any ideas?

£20.00 loss since last update

As I thought would happen, the blog has become the least important thing to update at nights now and it is starting to suffer.

At the moment, my nights entail writing a post race review for the day’s selections, answering any forum posts and PMs on the new site, answering any emails from people and lastly, analysing the racing for the following day which is obviously the most important thing!

Consequently, updating the blog has dropped on the to-do-list and it is starting to show on the blog and on the number of readers!

However, I’m determined to keep the blog alive and I’ll need to think of ways to kick some life into it again…..

Since my last blog update, I’ve had two selections and both have run poorly. My selection last night went off like a scalded cat and traded very low very quickly so I took the opportunity to get my stake back IR but it faded quickly at the end.

I’m not too concerned with a few losers as a long-run profit is what I’m aiming for here. Obviously, I’m in profit in the short-term at the moment due to my decent start this month but I’m sure the long-run will be fine!

I’ve started to kick off some discussions on the forum under a thread called ‘Ask Graeme’ where I’m happy to answer any questions on horse-racing form or anything else to do with horse-racing. It’s very early days but I think the guys appreciate this sort of thing as I want to effectively educate them so that they can select their own winners or at least understand my rationale a bit more. In time, I’m hoping they can start to look at races on their own and effectively rely on me less and on other tipsters less.

I’ll keep this post short and sweet today and I’ll have a think over the weekend about where the blog should go.

Good luck with your trading and punting!

If anyone has any potential ideas for the blog, drop me a note.....

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