Friday, 10 October 2008

Taking the tipping world by storm!

Daily Profit £160.50

After a lack of updates on here due to time constraints, I've now managed two posts in a day!

Being honest, it's always much easier to come on here after you've picked a winner and won a few quid, so I didn't want to let this opportunity pass me by! lol

I looked at two races today. You can see the analysis on the site but in the first race, I narrowed it down to 3. That doesn't tell the complete story though as I initially selected the winner last night but I changed my mind this morning to the eventual second after seeing the first shows today as the eventual selection looked a little short at 6/1 and 7/1. It then drifted to 8/1 and 9/1 in a place and I managed to get 10.5 on Betfair as did a few others.

So, I eventually chose the right horse to select and it was heavily punted on course again to win at 11/2. I was discussing the punting of my horses pre-race across on the forum as my horses are shortening an amazing amount pre-race this month which is probably different to last month but I'm sure it's no coincidence that this month is going better!

A few were pulling my leg about the fact it must mean I have lots of subscribers but it definitely isn't this! lol It's simply due to the fact that my horses are fairly solid selections which are well handicapped and primed to run well and this explains the odds shortening.

My second selection was only 3rd after being backed from 11/1 to 13/2 on course (was 15 on BF at one point and traded 2.6 IR) and it ran a great race from the front. It was beaten less than a length, so I won't complain.

One thing I have realised this month is why it is so difficult for tipsters on Racing Index to make decent profits. I'm 5 winners from 11 selections I think (can't remember if I'm honest) but I'm only about 12 points up to SP. I'm a little more to BF SP. I'll need to work out how much I'm up to suggested odds as I've definitely lost a few points this month by horses shortening dramatically pre-race.

I think the difference between today and the last few days is that I looked at 6 races last night and managed to choose which races suited me best. Recently, I've been forcing myself to analyse a race and maybe I was too keen to find a selection. This is probably just down to over-eagerness to prove myself to teh subscribers but I'm starting to chill a little now which can only help in the long-run!


steve said...

Well done Graeme seems everything is now coing together nicely since you started the tiping service. Maybe you've subconsciously started taking the more professional approach now people are paying for the tips. I've noticed a lot of the tips are a lot lower than you're usual SP of around 10 and this also seems to be paying dividends so maybe you can guage the value in the lower odds ones too.

GeorgeH said...

Good show Graeme! Keep up the excellent work.

My "silly" system, backing any nag with Dance or Dancing etc, came up trumps tonight with Micks Dancer, at 28-1. I got 40-1 with Hills, but only for 50p e.w. as I know that my "system" is not very scientific (lol) - but now and then it comes good, such as Ghost Dancer at 20s a couple of weeks back.

It's gotta be FUN, and that's my main aim.

Cheers, GeorgeH

Graeme Dand said...

Hi Steve.

I've been pleased with the start. One thing I would say is that I've tried to be as professional as possible and every single selection has been a solid selection. As I said last month, I struggled for motivation last month but I've worked very hard this month and it's paying off.

The SP thing is probably linked to the fact I haven't put up one speculative selection yet and I'll probably keep this going. My average SP is still pretty decent compared to most out there and that will stay the same. I see lots of tipsters going for selections which are lower and lower in odds and it makes me chuckle!

Thanks for the comment.


Graeme Dand said...


Well done mate. Excellent work.

I think fun is the key word. I have great fun looking at form and I really enjoy it. It definitely helps me enjoy horse-racing.

I hope you have some good luck today.


leonthefixer said...

Hi mate - has the blog finished? Not been any update for some time!? I really hope not but appreciate you must be busy with the tipping!

Hows the tipping going - taking it by storm still I hope.

Hope everything is going well for you and the subscribers.