Saturday, 4 October 2008

A non-runner....

Daily Loss £30.00

I showed remarkable discipline today by only selecting one runner but it was a non-runner.

When I found out, I quickly reanalysed the race on the forum for anyone who was reading it and I came out with a possible 3 winners. I ruled out one which left two. Annoyingly, they have finished first and second but I backed the wrong one!

Being honest, I've not had a great day for punting and that sums it up. My horse hung very badly across the track and chucked it away IMO.

My intial analysis ruled the winner out when I completed it last night but I changed the going in my reanalysis and out popped the winner in the final two.

As I've said many times on here, ground is crucial in race analysis and the ground at Redcar was definitely not riding good IMO. It was at least good to soft and this was confirmed in the results.

Apologies for the short post tonight but I'm getting ready to go out for a housewarming party at a friends!

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