Tuesday, 6 May 2008

1 race, 1 profit

Daily Profit £5.61

I only managed to have a look at one race tonight after I got in from work. It was the 7.05 at Catterick. We discussed the race on our site in the afternoon and Dave (Knocker) narrowed it down to 4 runners.

Unbelievably, they filled the first 4 places, so Dave can wear the handicap king's crown tonight. I'll get it back later in the week mate!

I managed to generate a nice chunky riskfree bet on 2 horses in the race and I managed to get out with a profit on King Harson as it ran pretty much as expected. Dave also called that horse right as he said it would fade late as the draw would beat it and he was spot on.

With regards to the rest of this week, I'm going to give the horses a miss until the weekend. I'll keep an eye on our discussion site in case anyone wants to run something past me but I can do with a little break from the horses. Trying to work full-time and do the odd race analysis for the discussion site is quite demanding at times.

Later in the week, I'll start to look at the decs for Saturday's qualifying races and post these up on the discussion site for people to comment on.

I'm thinking of adding a counter to my blog as I'm quite proud of the fact that I have gone 33 consecutive races without a loss. I've only had 4 losses on any race in the past month out of nearly 90 races, so it's an amazing run.

I'll scroll through my Betfair account tonight and get the exact numbers. I know that as soon as I add something to the blog I'm guaranteed to back a massive drifter who runs appallingly and I'll generate a loss but I like to gamble!

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