Monday, 12 May 2008

I love it when a plan comes together......

Daily Profit £103.04

Firstly, apologies to Andrew and Knocker for the title of the post as today was anything but a well thought out plan!

I was working today as usual but a good discussion got started on our discussion site concerning a race at Yarmouth. We ended up having about 30 posts concerning a 6 runner handicap and it was all good banter.

I managed to talk myself in to having a bet on Bustan in the race. Knocker was very keen on Lord Theo and both horses ran well to finish 2nd and 3rd. Unfortunately, since I was betting on Betfair Mobile at my lunch break, I couldn't lay off the bet and I ended up with a £28.50 bet on Bustan.

I'm not a huge fan of betting on Betfair during my lunchbreak and this was only the 3rd time I'd attempted it. I'd had a winner and a riskfree bet in the past which finished 2nd, so I only use this betting method when I'm reasonably confident my horse will win or at least shorten to give me a riskfree bet pre-race.

When Bustan lost, I made a promise on the discussion site to not do this any more as I'm meant to be trading for riskfree bets and not gambling! However, I'll continue to use this method when I feel it's worth it I suppose but I don't want to be doing this every day!

I said on the discussion site that I'd have to post up another loss on the blog tonight and I haven't posted up 2 consecutive losses for a long, long time.
So, I started to look for a nice horse tonight to give me a riskfree bet. After a while, I stumbled across a horse I liked in the 6.25 at Windsor. The horse was the David Elsworth trained Excape. I won't go into my reasons on here for fancying it but you can read them on the discussion site if you join! The site is

Anyway, I got stuck in traffic coming home from work and I had to pop into B&Q for a quick minute. I made it in the house at 6.20pm and I quickly logged on the laptop and onto Betfair.

I expected the horse to be well backed as I thought others would see what I saw but it appears I was on my own. The horse had drifted from 20 on Betfair to 55! I have seen some bad drifts on Betfair but this was one of the worst I'd seen in a long time.

I initially asked for £50 at 60 but it quickly shortened to 50, so all I could get on it was £20 at 50. Before I could put in any lays, the market was suspended and they were running. I quickly put in a lay at 28 for my £20 so I was riskfree for a return of £440.
I quickly put in 3 more lays at 6, 2.08 and 1.5 and as I was placing lays, they were getting matched!

Before I knew it, I had £130 riskfree on my horse and £120 on the field and it was trading at 1.01! Amazing............

As I said on the discussion site, sometimes it's better to be lucky than good! Maybe I was both tonight..............


Anonymous said...

Well done greame,excellent work if i have the time just ask about a trainers stat and ill try and oblige.Once again great work

Graeme Dand said...

Thanks Terry.

Did you back the horse may I ask?

As I said on the site, you couldn't really fancy it from a form perspective but purely from a speculative perspective, it was interesting.

I was amazed it was 50 on Betfair and I'm slightly annoyed I only just managed to get my bet on. If I had more time, I would have got a little bit more on and planned my lays a bit better to maximise profits but no need to be too greedy!



Anonymous said...

i dint back it,got in to late,wish i had only 3 pints instead of 4 lol

leonthefixer said...

Hi Graeme,

Many thanks for the comments on my blog. I haven't left any comments on your blog for a while, I think I tried yesterday but can't remember if it was on your blog or another.

I always check your blog to see how you are doing but as I don't do much form study anymore I can't really comment on what you are doing. However, you do seem to have figured out something that works for you!!! You haven't done any golf stuff for a while, have you knocked that on the head or is it just there hasn't been any golf on?

I like your idea for trying to beat me on Saturday's, feel free to write up what you want, however I only have 3 more Saturdays until my month off.

Good luck with the trading and picking the winners, I have been wondering for a while what you would do when trades went against you but your recent posts have answered that.

All the best mate and keep on picking those 50.0 winners!