Monday, 5 May 2008

What should have been......

Daily Profit £22.00

I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry about today to be honest. I had my little brother's birthday party today, so I knew I'd be out of the house all day and unable to bet on the horse-racing. He's only 11, so I was asked to go along and help organise things.

Last night, I was browsing our discussion site ( and Andrew asked me to look at a horse at Hamilton today as he thought it would run well. Against my better judgement, I looked at the race and low and behold, I agreed 100% with what he said and I really, really fancied the horse to run well.

After letting Andrew know, I said he should get steamed into it today as it was a cert. I also quoted on the site that it was a cert and would win. Anyway, I left in numerous backs on Betfair over night for about £40 and none were matched by this morning.

I managed to get £4 matched this morning and I queued up another £40 at prices I thought would get matched. When I left the house at lunchtime, I had to cancel all my backs as I didn't want to risk having £40 on the horse to win and not being able to lay off.

Overall, all I could get on the horse was £4 at 14.5. I left in a lay at 8 or so, to give me my riskfree bet in running. Anyway, I just returned home to see that the horse won at 10/1.

I sent a message to a work colleague to back the horse today also, so I hope he picked up the message and did what I said.

I've just checked the discussion site and all Andrew said is 'we are fu**ing good!' Being honest, that's probably an understatement.....

If I was in the house today, I've no doubt that this would have been a £100+ win from me on that one race alone as I would have traded the horse the whole day to get a massive riskfree bet on it.

Next time...............

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Alistair said...

Hi Graeme,

Just catching up on your blog and I see you're having a very successful spell after packing in the pre-race trading.

Although you may not have managed to maximise your wins, I'm sure you will hit the big one sooner, rather than later.

Besides, you are already making way more than you did when you were scalping. So keep it up.

With the success of your new approach to racing, are you still going to continue with the golf markets?

No doubt, I'll catch up with you on the handicaps forum and I agree with you; I don't understand why more folk haven't signed up. Perhaps this blog is read by more traders than gamblers and they do not feel it is pertinent to them.

Anyway, here's to your continued success.