Tuesday, 15 July 2008

3rd Major of the season....

I've made a conscious decision this week to give trading a miss. After the trials and tribulations of the past 2 weeks, a week free of evening racing will allow me to do a few things around the house and catch up with a bit of reading hopefully.

I've decided to have a little flutter on the golf this week since it's the 3rd major of the season. I backed Immelman in the Masters and Mediate in the US Open, so I'm in some sort of form with my golf picks.

When looking through the field, I was looking for potential improvers who have not been showing too much recently but who have potential to perform above expectations this week. I've plumped for 10 players who are listed below:

My strategy is to keep hold of these bets until the weekend and try to trade them from there. Obviously, if Archer goes out and shoots a 61 after round 1, I'll trade him in but that is highly unlikely!


Alistair said...

Good luck with the golf Graeme. I was wondering if you'd given that up.

Well done on turning some of those losses on the geegees around. You've had a bit of a rollercoaster recently so a break from them will hopefully do you good.


Graeme Dand said...

Hi Ali.

I think I needed a break mate. I should have had one a bit earlier but it’s difficult when you are so far down for the month to forget about it and relax.

I’m not sure rollercoaster does my month justice to be honest and I can’t believe that I managed to get myself £700 down for the month on Saturday afternoon! It’s turned out OK it appears and I’ll be happy when I get trading on Saturday and start making some profits again!

I usually like watching the golf, so I’ve had a little dabble to see if I can get any players in a good position and trade them from there at the weekend.

I’ve just noticed you’ve posted on your blog, so I’ll catch a read of that now.