Sunday, 20 July 2008

Rollercoaster continues.....

Daily Profit £120.43

Today’s profit is an accumulation of my profit from the golf and from an hour and a half of trading on the horses today.

The golf didn’t go exactly to plan today and none of my men made a move on the leaders. I laid off a bit of Noren at 46 today, so I ended up with a profit of £42.40 from the golf. Obviously, I had about £110 green yesterday morning if I traded in my bets then, so it’s not a great profit.

I don’t regret holding on to my bets until the final day as Ian Poulter was in the same position as Noren before play started and traded below 3 today, so it could have easily have been Noren and not Poulter who made a charge up the leader board. A profit of £42 is not to be sniffed at though in times of need, so I’ll happily bank it!

Right, on to more important things…..

I traded 10 races today. I had 8 profits, 1 losing race and 1 break-even. Importantly, I managed to pick a winner and it makes a large difference to my P&L when there is a winner thrown in there!

My loss was really annoying as I fancied the Pipe horse in the bumper and it drifted wildly before the off. I took my medicine though and took a £20 loss on the field before the off, so I can’t complain too much.

I traded pretty well again though and most of my horses ran well, so I got a profit in most races. I’m guessing if I greened up I would have won about £30, so I did pretty well to make nearly £80.

As I have been saying for the last week or so, I feel like I’m trading better than I have ever been but I keep making silly errors that cost me large amounts. On reflection, I traded very well yesterday and to have lost £180 is unbelievable. This month has been littered with at least 6 losses of over £100 in single races and that’s what has killed my profit level this month.

If I can cut out these silly losses, I’d be back to making decent profits again……

Thanks also for the comments for yesterday. I’ll reply to them tomorrow at some point.

Lastly, when I go into work tomorrow, I’m going to ask for 3/4 afternoons off this week to allow me to trade. I have a few holidays to take at work and taking a few afternoons off to trade seems like a worthwhile thing to do. I’m not sure if I’ll get the afternoons off but I’ll let you know when I find out!


Mike said...

Hi mate,

Well nobody can say your trading isn't eventful, talk about Jekyll & Hyde.
Still you seem to be getting on top of it now so hopefully you will start making constant profits now, good to see you made a few £ on the Golf OK it wasn't as much if you greened up but we know you like to gamble a little with your trading and you made a profit thats all you can ask.
Shame I didn't gamble a little more with my risk free £3000 bet on Norman but as I made a error before and was £80 down on most I decided to trade in earlier on most of my risk free £3000 bets (had it on about 50 players), I deffo would of let it run longer if I wasn't £80 down to begin with and could of got around £800 on him, I also had £3000 on around 6 others that all traded around 100-1 in the end so could of got around £180 on them as well but hey I'm happy to come away with any profit (finished £11up) after being £80 down because I failed to see that Betfair had not removed the people not taking part even though they say they remove them as soon as they find out (which they started doing about 7hours after the players were announced but dammit I should of checked so it's my fault completly).

Good luck with the rest of the month.


Iranian Giraffe said...

ooooooops was reading my emails on my other email account so the blog auto signed me in, instead of my normal one (this one)


Graeme Dand said...

Thanks Mike.

After this month so far, I can really do with a period of uneventful trading and consistent profits and that’s what I’ll be aiming for this week.

I’ve no idea if I’ll achieve this but I’ll have fun trying!