Friday, 11 July 2008

One Step at a Time!

Daily Win £21.56

A quick post as I am heading out tonight with friends. I traded 11 races in total, with 3 losses, 4 wins and 4 break-even.

After 4 races today, I was £23 down and had 3 losses in 4 races. You can imagine what I was thinking but I turned it around soon after.

I traded very well today and never got near any holes or big drifters. Annoyingly, I picked the easiest winner of the day (Ella at York) but I couldn’t trade it as it was heavily punted from 12 to 7 on Betfair. I won £10 on it but on antoher day, if I had got involved at a high enough price, it would have been a substantial win, so I was pleased I spotted it.

I’m trading tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night, so it should be a fun day I hope.

Thanks again for all the recent comments and I’ve taken as much on board as mentally possible!

As the title states, this is hopefully me on my way back now but I won’t look any further ahead than tomorrow!


Iranian Giraffe said...

Good to see you back in the positive at the end of a day mate, long may it continue. As others have previously said I think it's a very wise idea that you have now decided to have a stop loss on your selection if the worst happens and you back a drifter.


Graeme Dand said...

Hi Mike.

Cheers for the comment mate. I agree a stop loss on horses makes some sort of sense with my trading strategy but I need to be careful I don't lose my bottle on trading drifters.

There's a thin line between cutting my losses short and not backing a horse again that has drifted to an even better price to back at.

If I can master this, I'll do OK at the game!