Friday, 18 July 2008

Quick Golf Update

I thought I’d give you all a quick golf update. I’m starting to think that I’m destined to lose this month!

At the moment, if someone offered me a break-even position, I’d take it as I’m in a bit of trouble but it’s early days.

After seeing 8 of my original picks beaten by the weather in round 1, I decided to back Robert Allenby and Retief Goosen as well as lay Sergio Garcia mid round yesterday.

My lay on Sergio isn’t looking like the brightest move at the moment as he remains favourite but I just don’t understand why he is favourite. He played in the best conditions yesterday, isn’t putting well at all and yet is being backed because he is Spanish!

I backed Goosen at 48 and laid at 11, so I have a nice riskfree bet on him. I backed Allenby at 34 in the middle of his round and passed on the opportunity to lay off at 16 last night as he was tied in the lead. He’s now dropped a few shots this morning, so my opportunity to lay is probably gone for the moment.

Out of my original picks, I have Anthony Wall (£5 at 650) and Noren (£5 at 520) both inside the top 20 overnight, so I’m hoping one of these two may keep me in with a shout over the weekend.

Overall, I’m maybe looking at a red £150 position on the field excluding my picks due to my insanity in laying Garcia when he was +3, but it’s still early days and one thing I’ve learnt about golf is that it can swing around quickly.

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Iranian Giraffe said...

Hi mate,

hopefully the Garcia lay is beginning to go your way a little now, I made a right royal Feckup on the Golf myself after the players were confirmed/announced and Tee offtimes shown I went on BetAngel about 5 hours later and saw that the lay market was over 100% although granted I had had a few beers and instead of reading that there were 165 players in the market I read it that there was 156 like there should of been.
so later that day the 9 extra people were removed from the market and so all my lays on them were removed and so left me £80 down on most although on 50ish outsiders I was £3000 up on (basically all the ones at 1000odds, I knew I would get the chance to trade out on some of the ones I was £3000 up on to get some money back but wasn't happy that Betfair hadn't removed the ones that were not taking part as as they have said before they will remove the players not taking part when the players are known. Well this was clearly not the case as the list of players was out on Monday morning and I laying the market Monday afternoon, anyway I layed off a few of my people I was £3000 up on when I had the chance and one of them was Norman dammit, now only if I hadn't layed him off for all but £10 I could of been up by quite a bit on trading just him alone but hey how many people expected him to be only 1 shot off the lead at the end of the 2nd day.
Although it would be nice if one of the 10 guys I have left that I am £2500up on decided to have the round of there lives and go charging up the table although most of them are 8 or 9 shots off the lead so highly unlikely.