Friday, 18 July 2008

Back in business!

Daily Profit £50.07

What a day……

As the title states, I’m back in business!

All week, I’ve kept my promise to not trade in the evenings. I’ve enjoyed the break to be honest and it allowed me to do a few things like cut the grass and spend a bit of time with Denise for a change! I’m feeling quite refreshed now and when I knew Denise was popping out for a little while tonight, I decided I’d trade a few races to ease my way back into it.

I traded 6 races this evening and I traded them excellently. I had 3 wins and 3 break-even races. Here’s my P&L:

I’ve also realised that I’m on the best run I’ve had thus far during The Experiment. Tonight, in 2 races, I chose to scratch trades and not take any money in running as I didn’t want to have a losing race. That’s the sort of discipline that has been missing from my trading this month and I’m really pleased that it has returned in time to salvage something from this month!

To help me keep this sort of discipline and to give me extra motivation, I’ve added a little bit at the side of the blog to track my progress since last Saturday afternoon. In the last 46 races I’ve traded, I’ve had 34 wins, 9 break-evens and 3 losses. My profit stands at £699.69 which is an amazing run. I’ll keep tracking this as I like keeping records of things and trying to beat them in the future if possible.

I’m trading tomorrow afternoon now and as you can imagine, I’m really looking forward to it. I don’t think I’ve looked forward to a day’s trading quite as much before, so I’m hoping I can live up to my expectations!

OK, as I mentioned in my last post, it wasn’t looking that promising on the golf as my bets hadn’t started that well and my lay on Garcia didn’t look the best bet when he was trading 4 points shorter than I laid at! Well, I’m pleased to say that I was right and the market was wrong and I’ve traded in my lay in to get riskfree on the field.

Therefore, I effectively have 9 riskfree bets that have made the cut. Here are the riskfree returns and their positions at the end of round 2:

I’ve calculated that I can go green for about £110 at the moment if I traded in all my riskfree bets, so I’m in a good position. I’ve made the decision that I’m going to chase a biggish win though, so the £110 is irrelevant at the moment.

I’m hoping that Noren or Wall can shoot a good round tomorrow and maybe trade at single figures on Sunday and that would be my best shot of a decent return. However, Allenby is well positioned and I’m hoping he can possibly win the tournament, so I have a few guys with a chance.

Whatever happens, I can watch the golf now and cheer on my guys without worrying about losing any money on it. A nice place to be in!

I’ll update the blog tomorrow night once the racing and golf has finished. Good luck if you are trading tomorrow!

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