Tuesday, 29 July 2008


A few people have commented that they think I should look into tipping and trying to pass on some advice to others to gamble on. Amazingly, a few months ago when The Handicap Forum was on the go and we were picking winners left, right and centre, we discussed this sort of thing and whether we could make a go of it.

Personally, I’m not a fan of tipsters. I would be a fan of someone who could put up a horse at a decent price and with a valid argument to back it at decent odds. However, from what I’ve read, most tipsters put up short-priced horses and the rationale for backing them is always to do with stable contacts and whispers.

I have read a few tipping sites over the past few months and tried to see what sort of advice they offer. I also read a blog called ‘JPs betting blog’ and I used to read ‘The £30k challenge” blog. Both of these blogs use professional tipster services and if I’m honest, they both appear very successful at times.

However, one thing that’s clear from both blogs is that they have little knowledge of horse-racing and have a substantial bankroll. Some of the losses that JP has had would bankrupt the best of us but he always appears to bounce back which is nice. I think being able to follow tipsters blindly is something that I personally could never do. I would always want to check the tips and if I didn’t agree with them, I would never back them!

Secondly and as I’ve said previously, I think to gamble, a large bankroll is needed. I don’t have the necessary bankroll at the moment and I doubt I’ll have it in the next few years. Therefore, that’s why I can’t really afford to gamble too much.

So, as a few people mentioned, why don’t I sell tips?

Firstly, I have no proof that I’m any good. Obviously, Andrew and I bounce tips around and yes, we are both good at what we do (IMO) but what does that prove to anyone reading this? No one is going to pay me for supplying information that could be rubbish!

Secondly, I know for a fact that my blog is mostly read from traders and being honest, apart from a few readers, most of the readers are not even interested in horse-racing! I have no potential market……

I’m guessing that if I was really into IT, I could start a new website and try to offer tips etc. but it doesn’t appeal to me to be honest and would be too time consuming.


I do think providing tips to people could be very beneficial to me and them. Firstly, it would give me a reason to study form. As I’ve said on here previously, I don’t get the time to study form as it’s not worth my time. I’m not going to spend an hour looking at a race to have £10 win on something. However, if I was paid for it……

Secondly, it may help fund my betting/trading bank. Obviously, I’m not in a position to gamble very much at the moment as my personal circumstances don’t allow me to. However, what’s the point of having this knowledge and not using it. I’ve been like this for 20 years and I struggle to find the right way to use my knowledge. Providing tips would be a way to use it and get paid for it if I am as good as I think!

In summary, I would like to maybe look at something like this. However, I would never team up with a tipping site or with someone else i.e. Keith! I would work alone.

I’m thinking of setting up a large email distribution list of people who I will send an email to every time I really fancy a horse, with the current odds with at least 2 bookmakers and with the suggested strength of my selection. I would suggest they proof my free tips for 3 months (and I suggest they don’t back them in the first month) and at the end of this period, if I have proven myself, we can discuss possible rates and terms of service I can provide.

Watch this space……


Anonymous said...


Thanks for such comprehensive answers to my questions. I think everyone is starting to see a possible trading strategy now that allows you to gamble more so this seems to be more suited to you.

I think the tipster thing is interesting. I have used tipsters in the past and Ive had moderate success. When I read back over your posts earlier this year when you were showing how you analyse a race, it was very impressive and I’m sure everyone who backed your tips would do so in the knowledge that you have spent time on the race and considered all angles.

I can also see why giving out tips may help you keep studying the form and looking in depth at races but you may be in danger of over complicating things. Trying to give out tips is adding more pressure on yourself and you need to concentrate on your trading at the moment without this added pressure.

If you do decide to give out free tips, can you ensure that I’m one of the proof readers please. I’m sure there will be an orderly queue forming as I write but I want to throw my hat into the ring at the earliest opportunity.

Good luck with it but I feel quite confident you know where you are going now.

All the best.

Stan :)

Graeme Dand said...


The questions you asked me the other day were great questions. They deserved a post of their own!

Glad you also picked up on my potential new strategy. I agree it should suit me better.

I think the tipster thing may be a non-starter at the moment. Giving out tips on the back of a losing month when I really struggled is just adding extra pressure for the sake of it as you say.

lol - good to see you have faith in my tipping though!

I can maybe look at giving out tips if I can get more punters to read my blog someday to make it worth my while.

Anyway, cheers for the support and advice recently.