Friday, 6 June 2008

16 minutes work on Betfair!

Daily Profit £108.47

The title of the post may be a minute out but you get the point!
I managed to trade 5 races today. Below is my P&L:

I was at work today and I wrote to Andrew to say that if he was having a bet, tell me which race and I'd have a look at the same race. Andrew said he fancied Unshakable in the 2.10 at Epsom.

I had a look at the race and said that it had a good chance but I fancy that Little White Lie would beat it. We joked about a virtual matchbet and due to the fact that I didn't want to miss out on a winner, I quickly went on my Mobile to put £5 on with Betfair. It was 17 on Betfair.

I didn't see the race but I won the matchbet by a head when Little White Lie just held on from Unshakable. We had picked a forecast at 12/1 and 11/1 between us! Incidentally, the Exacta paid £250, so it was a nice forecast to get!

After that success, I had a quick look at the 3.00 at Catterick. I decided it was between Windjammer and Rue Soleil. Windjammer was 7 and Rue was 12.5. I put £5 on Rue and not surprisingly, Windjammer led from start to finish and hosed up!

I was disapointed I picked a loser but as Andrew said, I can't get every race correct!

When I got in from work, I traded 3 races for about 5 minutes each. I had a riskfree bet of £165 on a horse in the 6.35 but it ran poorly and I didn't win a penny.

In the 6.55 at Bath, I backed Gracechurch at about 5.8 which was way too high on Betfair. I laid off at the off at 4.4 for about an £80 riskfree bet and it ran well and traded at 1.9 in running, so I laid off for a profit of £31.

I then had to pop out but I had a riskfree bet of £110 on Dragon Dancer in the 7.20 at Goodwood. I didn't see race and Andrew will no doubt tell me how it ran but I managed to win £1 on the race, so I got my sums wrong when I was laying off I guess.

Overall, a £108 profit on the day which is amazing again.

As you can probably tell, I'm having great fun at the moment on Betfair and making money appears to be the easiset thing in the world! Long may it last......

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