Saturday, 7 June 2008

Only one winner all day........

Daily Profit £151.01

Today was a slightly frustrating day for me as I only managed to pick one winner all day and that was in the Derby! I backed New Approach beforehand as I guessed it would try to make all but it was held up and I was left with £20 win on it. I laid off far too much in running too quickly as I thought it would struggle to stay but a £64 profit on the race was nice.

The rest of the day was pretty mediocre for me, so to be able to post a £150 profit for the day is pretty good in my eyes.

I got off to a good start in the first race today with a £40 profit. I fancied Ramona Chase to run well and it was backed from 16 to 11 beforehand, so I had a nice riskfree on it. It ran really well and I was left with £140 return on it and managed to win £40 on the race, so it was a good start.

The next 5 races were a bit annoying as I managed to get a riskfree bet in every race but they didn’t run well apart from one and I messed up in that race!

In the big sprint at Epsom, I had £190 riskfree on Merlin’s Dancer. However, I wasn’t paying attention and I missed the fact the race had been run! I was still trading the horse when it came up suspended and I thought they were off but one was trading at 1.01! First time this has happened to me and Merlin’s finished 2nd, so it cost me a good few quid. I managed to have a laugh about it though with Andrew on MSN.

The only other race worth mentioning was the 7.20 at Newcastle where I fancied King Harson. I knew this would lead but I didn’t know the stalls were far side today, so King Harson and another one came up the stands side on their own. This basically ruined the King’s chances but the ironic thing was the fact it went so fast it managed to set the race up for the other horse racing with it, so it was slightly annoying!

The only good thing was the King was well backed and I had about £180 riskfree on it and it traded at 6, so I bailed for a £21 profit on the race and let the rest run.

Overall, one winner on the day and a profit of £150 shows that I traded quite well. I was fairly comfortable all day with my trading apart from one race where I had to dig myself out of a little hole with higher stakes, so it was a good day for me again.

I’ll hopefully get the chance to trade a race or two at night during the week, so I’ll update the blog if I do manage to trade.

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