Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Disgusted with myself.....

Daily Profit £88.83

The profit above is from 1 race last night and 1 race tonight. As you can tell by the title, I'm not a happy bunny!

Last night, I selected 2 horses I wanted to back. These were Kyle and Polish Red. To cut a long story short, I missed Kyle as I went shopping after work and I missed the race by 10 minutes. Needless to say, it won at 13/2 and I was slightly annoyed.

I then traded Polish Red in the last race last night and managed to get £300 riskfree on it as it was heavily backed before drifting just before the off. Because I was annoyed about Kyle, I only traded £10 in as the race started and left £240 riskfree on the horse. The horse ran crap and I was left with a £10 profit on the night from picking a 13/2 winner and a horse that halved in price. Nightmare......

Today, I looked at 1 race tonight. The 7.50pm at Folkestone. I know that the rail is usually the place to be at Folkestone and I know the track favours front-runners, so Royal Storm was the easiest bet of all time to get riskfree on. This was guaranteed to set a fast pace and I fancied it to hold on.

When I got in from work, it was proving quite weak, so I didn't want to show my hand too early. It was 20/1 on Oddschecker and 20 on Betfair, so it was likely to drift.

I then sat and watched a few races. Every man and his dog knew that horses drawn against the fence was the place to be as that twat on ATR kept telling everyone! Why can't people keep their mouths shut on these racing channels...

Anyway, at 7.20, I started to trade the race. I snapped up £10 at 19.5 and then queued £300 at 20-22 as I wanted about £100-£200 bet on the horse. I then stupidly laid the favourite at Sedgfield for £5 as a bit of fun as I thought it was a bit of a monkey. I was right and it got turned over at 1.33.

I was so engrossed in watching that daft race, I missed the fact that there was a massive plunge on Royal Storm and all I had on it was £15 at 19.75. Idiot!!!!!!

By the time I stopped banging my desk in frustration, I saw it was 10 on Betfair. I then got very stubborn and refused to back it at 10. At 20, I wanted £200 on, at 10, I couldn't back it.

Guess what happened. Flys out the stalls, gets them all of the bridle apart from one horse. I then bail out at about 4.3 with 2f to go (it looked beat then and was getting swamped) for £78 or something and to top the whole night off, it gets a second wind in the final furlong and wins quite easily. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I traded this properly, I could have had £200 on at 19, laid £200 off at 11, to leave me £1,600 riskfree. I would then have laid about £200 off as soon as it hit 5 on Betfair after 1f. I then would have left in a lay at 2.08 for £50 and overall, it would have been a profit of £700+ when it hosed home. Another costly lesson learnt by me!
I've now made it past the £2,000 profit mark on Betfair, so that's my first target for the month met now!

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