Thursday, 26 June 2008

A fun night!

Daily Profit £7.64

Tonight was great fun and the fact I only made £7 is laughable. I traded 6 races before I settled down to watch the football and every race was quite exciting!

Even though I think I should have made more, in one sense, I could have made a loss tonight if a few hadn’t run so well, so I’ve not really got any complaints!

In the 6.45, I really fancied Roman Quintet. I backed £50 at 13.5 and then laughed as it drifted to 15. I backed £100 at 15 and I was already thinking I was in trouble in the first race of the evening. The horse shortened to about 12 a few minutes before the off though to give me £200 riskfree on it.

The horse ran really well and traded at 1.2 in running. The draw beat the horse in the end but I’ve no complaints. I won £30 on the race and would have pocketed an extra £100 if the horse had got up to win. Nice start!

In the 7.00, I was against the short priced fav and competition was thin on the ground. I was torn between Spume and Front Rank.

I plumped for Spume and my first bet was £10 at 16. I then followed it up with a further 16 £10 bets as it drifted in price! It actually reached 32 at some point which was laughable for a horse priced at 16/1 and one I fancied to run well.

Incidentally, the other horse, Front Rank, drifted from 16 to 32 also, as the market was dominated by 3 horses that were a short price, so whatever horse I traded, I was going to get in trouble!

I laid off a large chunk at the off and I effectively had about £60 win on my horse at 20 (it was trading at about 27) at the off.

I laid off £30 quite early as it was settled towards the front and travelled well. 3f out, it was travelling like a dream and I laid off at 4 for my remaining £30. I had a £560 riskfree bet on it and I was pretty confident it would get up to win. I left my last lay £200 at 2.08 and I think it got as low as 2.8 in the last furlong!

Overall, a break-even race but it could have been much worse if it ran badly or much better if it got up to win!

To make matters worse, the other horse I fancied won the race, so if I had decided to trade that, I would have been quids in as I would have been in the same mess at the off and would have taken some money in running!

The 7.15 was the least eventful race. I backed £10 at 15, £10 at 18 and it started at 25! I took the £20 in running, it got left in the stalls, was 100 after 1f, 1000 after 3f and finished tailed off last! £20 loss…..

The 7.25 at Fairyhouse just about summed up my evening! The market was 110% with 10 mins to the off and the fav was trading at 5.2. It was 4/1 having drifted from 7/2 and I was sure it would start at 6. I laid £100 at 5.2 and then watched as it shortened to 4.5 on Betfair. The market was about 115% and I’ve no idea what someone was playing at as it couldn’t start this low. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any enough money in my account and I was annoyed I didn’t have my £2k balance as I would have laid it all day at less than 5.

When it slowly climbed back to 5.2, I scratched the bet and moved on to the second favourite. It had drifted from 7 to 19 on Betfair. It was only 9/1 from 6/1 in the market, so I guessed it would shorten.

I backed £20 at 19 and £20 at 18. Laid off £20 at 16 at the off and £20 at 12 after 1f. I had a riskfree bet of about £170 and I left a lay in at 2.08 for £50.

The horse found trouble in running, finished fast and late to finish third and traded at 4.2 in running! Grrrr……..

It was proving to be an eventful evening but I wasn’t winning much!

It continued in the 7.30. I backed the Johnston horse for £100 at 5.8, laid off £100 at 4.8 and then left a lay in at 2.08 for £40. It traded at 2.8 after travelling very well (should have traded lower!) and faded to finish 3rd. Grrrrr….

I then left a £10 back to lay bet on Desiderio in the 7.45 with a couple of low lays and kept £2 of risk. I didn’t see the race as I had to pop out but it finished second beaten half a length at 12/1. I lost £2. The RP review said it led for most of the way and I must have had about £50 return for £2 risk on it since all my lays got matched!

Overall, quite an enjoyable evening where the profit amount is no where near a reflection of the night but at the end of the day, it’s another £7 added to my monthly profit!

Lastly, my last day of trading this month will be Saturday afternoon. Without putting the gun to my head, I’m £90 short of my best monthly total so far and it would make a great month an even better month if I could beat my best monthly total. So, I’ll be aiming for a £100 profit on Saturday afternoon……(I’ve probably jinxed myself now but I enjoy a challenge!)

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