Tuesday, 10 June 2008

5 minutes on Betfair

Daily Profit £96.10

I only managed to find time to trade 2 races tonight as I was busy doing stuff in the garden and watching the football on TV.

I had £280 riskfree on The Kiddykid in the 7.45 at Chester but it was drawn on the outside and had no chance, so I maybe should have taken £10 guaranteed profit on the race.

In the 9.15 race, I was very sweet on Thorny Mandate. Unfortunately, the horse was absolutely impossible to trade and at the off, I only had £100 riskfree if I laid off all of my stake. I decided to take a little in play to give me £300 riskfree as I laid off quite early in the race.

I then stupidly laid off for £30 profit at 6 and I laid a little more off at 2.08. The horse came very late and was involved in a photo. When I first saw it, like the guys on The Racing Channel, I thought it had been beat into 2nd, so I laid it in the photo finish to give me £96 on the field.

Annoyingly, mines just won by a whisker, so I wasted £30 by laying off in the photo.

Overall, the race was a bit of a nightmare as it was impossible to trade pre-race, impossible to lay in running and only just won in a photo.

However, a £96 profit for 3 minutes of trading is quite nice and will do me!

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