Monday, 9 June 2008

The Assassin

Daily Profit £76.16

Quick post about tonight. I managed to trade 5 races but I fancied a few in later races but I couldn’t trade them, so I just left win bets in 3 races which all lost. This resulted in a £23 loss but I can’t complain.

I was really pleased with the trade I carried out on Kasumi in the 8.20 at Ponte. I thought this would run well and I wanted a riskfree bet on it. However, it was very stable all night and it really was impossible to know if money was going to come for it or not.

I basically sat like an assassin watching the odds move during the course of the night and when it reached the odds I wanted (14.5), I managed to snap up £140 worth of backs. I then laid off £150 2 points lower to give me a £10 guaranteed profit and about £160 riskfree on Kasumi.

The horse managed to win quite well and I won £89 on the race.

Overall, another decent night for me where I would have broke the £100 mark quite easily if it wasn’t for the fact I couldn’t trade the final 3 races properly.

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The Betfair Loser said...


Its been a while since I checked in on your blog, but you have certainly turned things around and got the hang of this trading lark!!

Well done!