Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Am I finally getting the hang of this?

Daily Profit £21.34

I followed the same strategy as yesterday. Low risk and low return.

Similar to yesterday, it paid dividends as I traded on 16 races, winning on 7, break-even on 6 and lost on 3.

My largest win was only £6 on a race which isn't that great but I used £20 stakes all day today, so I'm not really complaining too much.

My golf bets have suddenly got quite interesting this week. I had initially selected 8 players that I wanted to back. However, I was struggling to get the odds I wanted, so I put in backs for numerous other players at really high prices to see if I can get them matched.

Last night, I think someone came along and laid the whole market! I noticed it was about 101% on the lay side and when I checked later in the evening, it was 95% and I had lots of bets matched for crazy small amounts. I'm left with 23p win on an 800 shot and 10p on a 1000 shot for example.

I'll post up my selections later tonight or tomorrow as I'm still looking to get some more bets matched.

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