Monday, 3 March 2008

First Profit

Daily Profit £16.15

A quick post to say that I'm currently sitting with a profit of £16.15 on the Golf. I'm quite pleased with this as it appears that none of my players will finish in the top 4, so to generate a profit is pleasing.

If I had taken this golf tournament more seriously, I could have made a little more as Davis was 3 clear on Friday night and I could have laid him off but I wasn't watching at the time....

Seriously though, a £16 profit for about 1 hour of work spread across 3 nights at the start of the week is quite a good return. I'd settle for this every week!

I'll be trying out the same tactic for next week's golf tournament, so watch this space!

I'll be trading on the horses on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this week. I'm in London on Wednesday for a meeting, so that will be my full day at work.

I'm quite looking forward to tomorrow and to this week in general. I see this as The Experiment starting for real as the intention has always been to trade on horse-racing. The golf trading has been fun but I've been quite lucky this week with picking 2 guys who are likely to finish top 10, so I doubt I can do that every week!

I'll post tomorrow night with an update of how the day goes. Fingers crossed I can make a small profit!


leonthefixer said...

Well done on the Golf and good luck today - Mondays can be quite hard work!

The Betfair Loser said...

Congrats on your first profit!!!

Hopefully the first of many!!