Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Change of Trading Tactics......

Daily Profit £16.43

I changed my strategy today to a lower stakes and lower risk strategy. I used £20-£50 stakes and I didn't let any losses run past 2 or 3 ticks.

Overall, I traded 15 races and won on 7, break even on 6 and lost on 2.

I found today much more enjoyable and I was glad to see flat racing returning to the screens. I'm a huge fan of flat racing and this is where my form knowledge lies. I found a couple of really well handicapped horses today and both were backed off the boards accordingly (in the morning and pre-race). Unfortunately, both were just beaten but I managed to trade out of both quite easily in running as they traded at below 3.

I should probably have traded out for a profit but I thought both were going to win with a few furlongs to run, so I was happy to keep the large riskfree bets I generated pre-race from trading.

I don't really have any exciting stories to tell as it was quite a straightforward day. I will happily take a few boring days as long they are winning days!

I'll keep my stakes low for the next little while as I was probably increasing my stakes too quickly and this may have been the reason that I wasn't enjoying the trading too much.

I've tried to place a few bets on the golf again this weekend, so I'll post up my selections later in the week.

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