Friday, 14 March 2008

Cheltenham Day 2 - I Hate Placepots......

Daily Loss £11.31

Going to keep this short tonight as I’m a bit annoyed that I made a loss today. As the title suggests the placepot was again the cause. More accurately, the 1st race was again the cause….

I picked 4 in the 1st race as it did look difficult. I picked the eventual favourite, 4th favourite, 6th favourite and an outsider. The first three home were the 2nd fav, 3rd fav and 5th fav.

Similar to yesterday, this was the only race to beat me. Annoyingly, I then got 2 placed in 3 of the remaining races. Overall, I would have got 80p of the PP. It paid £147, so the first race cost me £117.60.

I also lost on a few bets in the first race, so I was £45 down after race 1. I then managed to win the majority of it back before disaster struck in the Stayer’s Hurdle.

Like everyone, I thought that Inglis would win but I thought it would trade much higher in running. I chose to lay it and at no time in the race did I think it would win until it touched down over the last hurdle. A £17 loss in the race. Ouch!

I then tried my best to win it back and nearly got all of it back by the last but suffered a small loss on the favourite.

Overall, another loss on the day which is disappointing. My P&L for Cheltenham isn’t looking too great at the moment but I’m hoping to win some of it back tomorrow……

In the select a stable game, the fall of Pomme Tiepy will ultimately cost me my chance of 1st prize. At the moment, I have had 4 winners, 2 seconds and a faller. My 3 remaining are Francheok, Denman and Kauto Star. If it goes to form, I could finish the comp with 6 winners, 3 seconds and a faller. Nightmare…..

The golf seems to have got off to a good start again for me. I have 3 players in the top 20 and Woods has only had an average start, so my lay is OK at the moment!

I better get past the first race on the PP tomorrow or my post tomorrow night won’t make nice reading…….

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