Thursday, 13 March 2008

This week's golf bets

After hearing that Cheltenham was postponed today, I quickly arranged to work all day at work (8am to 5pm) to enable me to leave early tomorrow and Friday.

My plans for the remaining 2 days are to do a Placepot each day and to back a horse or 2 in each race. The Placepot is my main aim as it looks fairly difficult tomorrow and Friday but I’ll hopefully have more luck than on Tuesday!

Below are my golf bets for this week’s tournament. My exposure is £59.71 at the moment as I’ve taken the brave decision to lay Tiger Woods for £30. I could actually back him now and get a small riskfree bet on him and reduce my exposure, but I’ll stay true to my word and lay Woods this week (and every week!).

A quick point on the golf. I don’t want to give away too many secrets of how I pick my golf players but I noticed a player this week called D.A. Points. He was trading at 1000 for £30. I was very close to snapping up the whole £30 but I decided that I would settle for a £6 bet. This was on Monday night.

On Tuesday, there hadn’t been much activity on him, so I thought I’d bail out at 840. Annoyingly, my instincts were right and he is now trading at 560. I could have laid my £30 off at 820 though as the liquidity was there, so I could have had a risk free £5k return on the guy to play around with this weekend.

I’m starting to quickly understand the golf markets and what makes the odds move, so I’ll be looking to exploit this even more in the weeks to come.

I hope everyone enjoys the racing at Cheltenham tomorrow. I can’t wait…..


Anonymous said...

Hey Graeme,

That was a great tip for Points by the way mate. Just snapped up a decent bet at 750 on him.

2 top 10 finishes on the Nationwide tour last 2 starts and a top 25 finish on the PGA Tour at the course 2 years ago. No idea how you stumbled across him but he’s not a 750/1 shot by any means.

Thanks for the tip and keep them coming.


Talkbet said...

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