Friday, 28 March 2008


Daily Loss £7.89

I found today quite tough going. I'm starting to understand when I don't like trading on the horses. It's days like today when the racing is poor and the going is very soft at Ayr!

I lost on 5 races at Ayr and lost a total of £28.68!

Thankfully, I did a bit better at the other tracks and managed to reduce the loss somewhat.

I've noticed that I find trading the horse-racing in Scotland quite difficult as the odds movements in some races are amazing. I backed a horse for £10 at 8 and within 5 minutes before the off it traded at 20! I let the bet go in running and it was pulled up after about 3 hurdles!

I'm not trading the horses again until Monday now as I'm working a full day tomorrow and I'm attending the football on Saturday.

I've started to look at analysing my results over the past month and I'll post up my thoughts on the first month at the beginning of next week.

I may get an opportunity to trade the golf at some point this weekend, so I'll look forward to that.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your recent comments on my blog mate - I managed to turn a small profit yesterday despit making numerous errors. But the profit is the main thing no matter how small considering my recent run. I hear what you are saying about the Scottish tracks. I too find some erratic movements. Myself and a mate who I talk to on MSN each afternoon always seem to mention the scottish tracks whenever there is a meeting on for the bad reason of erratic price movements.

Best of luck for Monday! And well done on the recent profits especially the golf - you seem to have a nack for it!


knocker said...

Hey Graeme

I've been reading your blog for a while without saying hello. Yours and others made me start one of my own and I just thought I'd say hello. My Trading Blog is at

I actually aggregate your feed into an area of my site (amongst others).

Anyway, keep at it! :)