Monday, 17 March 2008

The Great Escape from Tiger....

Daily Profit £20.43

The profit above doesn't really tell the whole story. As you know, I laid Tiger for £30 at the start of the week and I've just watched him hole a great putt on the last to deny Bryant a playoff.

I ended the tournament with £20.43 on Woods, £41.10 on Bryant and £67.46 on every other player. When you take into account that none of my initial picks made the top 10, that profit is one hell of a good achievement for this week's golf tournament.

The one error I made was not bailing out of Woods at an earlier stage than today! I was out last night with friends and I was kicking myself when I saw the leaderboard in the pub. Woods was top!

I thought about backing Woods on Friday night as he was on the drift (due to him playing crap!) but I decided against it. I wanted to stick with my plan to lay Woods every week and I didn't really think he would win this weekend.

Looking back, Singh appears to have chucked the tournament away when he dropped 5 shots in 4 holes on Saturday, so laying Woods was probably the correct decision in this tournament.

Overall, I'm pleased to make a profit on this tournament as I've managed to turn a red £37 on Woods into a green £20 over the 4 days, so I got to be pleased. This was mainly possible due to the start that Henry and a few of my other players made. Disapointingly, I still finished with huge green numbers on lots of my initial picks, so I got to learn to lay off more of my profits at an earlier stage but this will come with experience.

I could have made slightly more profit on Woods tonight but I wanted to continue to lay Woods right up until the final hole, so I delibrately kept more profit on Bryant.

My next trading day on the horses is Tuesday and I'm already looking forward to it!

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Anonymous said...

Well done on the golf mate - you seem to have a good nack for it! Keep it up. I am currently going through a bad patch on the trading front but hopefully will be able to turn it back around soon. Best of luck with the trading today!