Monday, 10 March 2008

Quick Golf Update

Additional Profit £25

Anyone who read my blog earlier may have got a little excited by seeing that Sean O’Hair has gone on to win the golf tournament and I still had a return of £100 on Sean at 19.30pm.

Unfortunately, myself and Denise had already arranged to go to a friend’s house to see their newborn baby tonight, so we left our house just after I posted at 19.30pm. At this time, Sean was 3 shots back in 3rd and was trading at 10 on Betfair. Since I’d guessed I wouldn’t be back in until the golf had finished, I had to decide whether to let the bet run and win £0 or £100, or trade it in for a guaranteed amount…..

I put lays in the market at 6, 3, and 1.8 for decreasing amounts. In total, I swapped a risky £100 for a guaranteed £25 as O’Hair went on to win the tournament.

The fact that it appears that O’Hair has won quite easily is slightly annoying but I still think I did the right thing at 7.30pm. If I was staying in to watch the golf, I’ve no doubt I would have won more but it’s difficult to trade on something when you are not watching the event or at a PC!

Overall, I’m happy with this profit as I would have settled for this at the start of the day.


Anonymous said...

Well done Graeme.

Have you thought of increasing your stakes on the golf and taking it more seriously?

You do appear to know your golf players and I'm sure you can do well at this.

Good luck with your placepots at Cheltenham.


Cassini said...

Graeme, you need to schedule peripheral activities such as looking at babies (they all look the same anyway- shrivelled, pink and wrinkled) for when there are no betting possibilities!!

Well done anyway. Never turn your nose up at a profit.