Sunday, 23 March 2008

Zero concentration today on the horseracing.....

Daily Loss £17.24

I spent most of today watching the golf and I was trying to trade the odd horse race when the golf was off for a break! Clearly, I was never concentrating or in the zone today, so I should have left the horseracing well alone. Instead, I traded a few races and gambled on a few races and ultimately, I managed to lose a few pound.

I'm starting to understand the way the golf markets work now though, and I've managed to turn the golf sitaution around by trading quite well. Annoyingly, Woods has started to play poorly and just when I've traded out of the position, Woods drifts from 1.8 to 2.4 in around 30 minutes!

It's all a learning curve though, so at least I'll be posting up a profit tomorrow night whatever happens, so I should be happy with that.

As you can maybe see from my posts, I'm starting to lose my enthusiasm for trading the horse-racing a little and unless it returns soon, I struggle to see why I can justify being off work most afternoons. I find trading the horseracing quite boring and I'm not sure I'm suited to this style of trading. I'll keep trying to work at it though.

I'll be trading the horseracing on Monday again, so I'll see how things go then. Hopefully I'll manage to turn things around quickly!

I'll try to post up my profit from the golf tomorrow night.

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Anonymous said...

Hi mate - cant say I had guessed you were not enjoying the horses, I have to say i thought you were enjoying them. If you don't trade the horses what are you going to trade instead?