Thursday, 27 March 2008


OK, I’ll hold up my hands. I’ve made a bit of a cock up at the golf this week and Houdini may struggle to escape from the position I’m in……

Basically, my strategy this week was to select a few golf players and ask for what odds I wanted. I was using £5 to £10 stakes and I hoped to bet on 3 or 4 players this weekend. I wanted to bet higher stakes on a fewer number of players.

Last night, I was playing around on Betfair and was slightly annoyed that none of my bets had been matched yet. I then decided to place numerous backs on a number of random players at high prices for £2 or £3 stakes to see if I could get any bets matched.

Unfortunately, I think someone has come along and laid the whole field at the lowest lay odds. That means that I’ve managed to bet on lots of random players who I don’t know a thing about. I suppose the only good news for me is that I’ve got a decent price on all of these players as I asked for prices 10 points lower than the lowest lay price in the market at the time.

In total, I have spent £59.12 on golf bets! However, I’ve managed to lay off £11.47 already, so I’m left with an exposure of £47.65 going into the tournament!

Below are my golf bets for this week:

Being honest, the players I wanted to bet on were Lucas Glover, Carl Pettersson, Woody Austin and John Senden. I got none of my initial bets on these guys matched, so I’ve placed a £2 bet on the 4 guys tonight at the best available back odds.

I’ll be kicking myself if one of these 4 does particularly well as I was going to be betting £10 on each of the 4 of them…….

Let’s hope that one of my random players shoots the lowest first round score and I’ll try to trade out of this position as soon as possible.

From next week, I’ll be backing 3 or 4 players max with higher stakes and not taking the scattergun approach!

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