Friday, 14 March 2008

Quick Golf Update

Don’t want to congratulate myself too much at the end of Round 1, but the golf players I have picked this week are playing out of their skin.

As I stated in my earlier golf post, I was annoyed with the fact that I laid off Points at such an early stage as I knew he was wrongly priced at 1000 on Betfair on Monday night. That view hasn’t changed considering he is T12 at the moment.

My best golfers are:

I suppose the only thing I got to do now is make a decent profit on the event. Not sure what the best strategy is as I’d like to keep as many of these bets running as possible but then again, I’m not sure I can realistically expect 1000/1 shots to beat Tiger Woods in golf tournaments!

Incidentally, my lay on Tiger is looking OK at the moment as he is 5 shots back. I may look to lay this off slightly tomorrow afternoon as I expect him to do better in Round 2 as he was probably quite rusty in Round 1 as he hasn’t played for a few weeks.

After seeing where each of my players are placed, I will be really annoyed if I can’t make a decent profit this weekend from these players.

Lastly, this blog was not set up with the intention of giving out golf tips every week. I don’t mind people following my players and backing them if they want, but don’t write comments on my blog saying thanks for the tips as I am not giving out tips. The only reason I’ve posted up the players each week is so people can see who I have backed. I have no knowledge of golf and no strategy, so please don’t think I’m giving out tips every week……..


STST said...

Thanks for the golf tips :)
Just kidding mate. Nice blog you have here. I was wondering if you would be interested in exchanging links. If so I will add you some time over the weekend. Good Luck with "The Experiment".

All the best


Graeme Dand said...

Cheers for the comment Gareth.

I've set up a link to your page. I'll try to have a read of you blog if I get the time to see how you're doing.


Cassini said...

Like I said before, be very wary about laying Tiger. He is something else. Good luck.