Monday, 21 April 2008

First golf loss - Ouch!

Daily Loss £46.90

Well, after 7 successful golf tournaments with 7 decent profits, this week's golf tournament was an absolute disaster.

From my initial 15 players, I only had 5 players who made the cut and at no point did any of my players make the top 10 in the tournament. I managed to make a small profit on Scott Verplank, so it saved me from posting a £70 loss. However, a £47 loss isn't much better!

On analysis, most of the shorter priced players at the beginning of the tournament dominated the week and Boo Weekley has managed to win the tournament for the second year running. I would never have backed Weekley to win as he was too short a price at the start of the event, so I don't have any hard luck stories.

I'll take this loss on the chin and move on to next week's tournament.


Alistair said...

It was so bad you couldn't bring yourself to talk about it! LOL!

I've sent you an email.


Graeme Dand said...

It was an error with the post mate!



Alistair said...

I must've been breathing down your kneck when you were writing it up.

Hard luck on the golf this weekend Graeme. I'm sure you'll come roaring back on the next one.

knocker said...

Oh lordy. I'm such a Golf hater. The mere thought of having any interest in Golf scares me. Little ball, little hole, sport? I don't think so! Sorry! :)

Alistair said...

Knocker, I'm sure you are aware that when a man is young he'll play such sports as football or rugby. As he gets older he'll play tennis and by the time he reaches 50 he'll be happy to enjoy the company of his mates during a round of golf.

All of which just goes to prove that as a man gets older, his balls get smaller!