Monday, 14 April 2008

What was he doing....

A quick post before I go to bed. Been a long day and I'll be up early tomorrow as I'll be studying from the crack of dawn. My exam is in the afternoon, so I'll cram in some more studying before I go.

The golf turned out well in the end. I made the error of not laying off at 1.01 and when his ball went in the water at 16, my heart nearly stopped! I was red on the whole field for all of my profits over the past 2 months and it didn't look pretty...... (I had backed him for all of my remaining bank at 1.05 at the previous hole!)

I'll post up my overall profit for the tournament tomorrow but below is my return on Trevor from the win market. I probably have another £20 profit to add to this from the first 2 days play, so it's been a great tournament for me again.
7 golf tournaments, 7 profits.......



leonthefixer said...

Mate I think you have found your market!!!

Great result - well done!

Good luck with the exam as well!


Alistair said...

Bloddy brilliant Graeme.

Why would you want to mess with the geegees when you can do that? great stuff.

Now, just make sure you round it off by passing your exam with flying colours.

Good luck today.


STST said...

Great result mate. I agree with the Alistair and Leon that you may be better off sticking to Golf!

Good luck with exam.