Thursday, 24 April 2008

Smashes the £1,000 mark thanks to Knocker!

Daily Profit £63.79

As the title suggests, I've finally galloped through the £1,000 profit for The Experiment but Knocker (Sportstrading) has to take the majority of the credit today. I've been giving Knocker a few tips about picking winners and he's been working hard to get up to speed on racing form and how you go about picking nice price winners.

Yesterday, he managed to pick 3 winners at nice prices but didn't back any of the 3 whereas I backed 2 and made over £100 profit. Today, he picked 2 horses and sent me an email. The first one was the best backed horse all morning but ran a stinker of a race but the second horse was a horse called Saluscraggie trading at 40 on Betfair. The race was the 4.20 at Catterick and it collided with the big chase in Ireland, so like most punters, I forgot about the Catterick race and watched the Irish race.

Half way through the Irish race, I switched across channels to see what race was on and I heard the commentator say that Saluscraggie was going well. I switched back to watch the Irish race and I flicked over at the end to see Sauscraggie win easily. It suddenly clicked........

When I got in from work, the only horse I backed was Saluscraggie (£5 at 40) but I left in numerous lays at daft prices in case it got backed and it run well. Anyway, I quickly flicked on the Betfair screen for the race to see a green £50 on Saluscraggie and a green £150 on every other horse. Obviously, every one of my lays got matched as it won easily!

The sad point to the whole story is that like me, Knocker forgot all about the horse and he hadn't backed it, so he missed out on a 40 winner! That's two 40 winners in 2 days that Knocker hasn't backed that have hosed up, so it is very unlucky to say the least. The key thing is that he is finding these winners like me, so his time will come..........

Apart from that race, I won £22 (would have been £67 if it won) on a horse in Ireland which just got beaten in a photo (thanks to Andrew again for that tip) and I didn't manage to pick a winner all day from the other 4 races I bet on.

I can't really believe I made £64 profit today without picking a winner myself. It's a strange game this betting game!

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Alistair said...

Nice one Graeme, or should I say, Knocker? That certainly beats sitting in front of a PC all afternoon watching numbers go up and down.

The trick is to keep it going I suppose, but having seen you blog posts I'm sure that won't be a problem.

Well done.