Sunday, 27 April 2008

Nice start to new forum......

Daily Profit £153.21

I'll discuss the new forum in a bit but on to today's profit.

I think this is the biggest daily profit from horse-racing I've posted on the blog, so I've got to be pleased. However, I think the most pleasing thing for me is that I was at the football today, so this is money that I have managed to generate when I haven't even been at the PC! Nice work..........

The majority of the profit was made on a horse that we found today which was particularly well handicapped. I backed Bustan in the first at Sandown at 15 on BF for £40 but it went on a massive drift before the off and started at 20.

I made the decision earlier in the day that I thought the horse would run well, so I was willing to gamble slightly. I laid £32 off at 11 and I left in a couple of low lays. I was pleased to see that the horse won and I made a very nice profit on the race.

My other small profit on the day was made from backing and laying off the German horse in the 2 miler at Sandown and it must have run a hell of a race to get some of my low lays matched.

As usual, I'll give credit where credit is due and both of these horses were put up by Andrew as potential winners. Andrew has helped me enormously throughout The Experiment and long may it continue!

I had 3 losing races today including one very disappointing race at Leicester where Harry The Hawk must have run below form. I backed Harry last night and laid off this morning for a nice riskfree profit on him. I also backed another in the race and backed it again this morning as it looked overpriced. Unfortunately, it must have run a real poor race as I didn't get all my lays matched, so I suffered a £20 loss on the race.

Overall, I must be pleased with this size of profit today considering I wasn't in the house this afternoon, so it's proving to be a great end to the month for me.

As you may or may not be aware from reading the blog, I've been working closely with a virtual friend called Andrew for the last 2 months and now Knocker (Caramboo Racing) has joined in the fun. The 3 of us have been emailing around tips and race analysis to help each other out over the past 2 weeks and we have had amazing success thus far.

We tend to concentrate on flat handicaps as this is where my knowledge lies but Andrew usually forms views on any type of race, so we tend to discuss any race that someone has an opinion on!

Knocker is quite a techy guy and suggested we set up a discussion forum to discuss the horses instead of using emails all the time as my email inbox has taken some punishment over the last 2 weeks!

Well, today saw the launch of our new site for discussing the racing. It is called At the moment, we only really have us as members but the site is quite cool and easy to use. We have decided that since we have a "nice playground and lots of swings, slides and climbing things but no friends to play with" (Andrew's quote!), we are going to ask others to join.

We are targeting people who have some racing knowledge and want a bit of banter about the racing. Andrew used to be a regular on the BF forum and he thinks he can maybe get a few guys with some decent opinions to join us at our new site. Obviously, we are trying to dodge the usual riff-raff that post on the BF forum but since we are our own administrators on this site, we can punt anyone who we don't like!

Obviously, I'd like to invite anyone who reads my blog and is interested in horse-racing to join the forum.

Incidentally, all new members of the forum will only get access to the public forums at the moment. Once we have enough evidence that they have something worthwhile to contribute to the forum, they will gain access to all areas. This will stop people joining the forum just to 'piggy-back' on our tips and analysis.

Lastly, the reason for the title of tonight's post...............

The first post on the new forum was " In the first race 1:05 - Is it just me or does Bustan look thrown in...? It's also had a run to blow away the cobwebs and has got a 'proper' jockey on it...Any thoughts ?"

A 14/1 winner (20 on Betfair) for the new forum in the very first race thanks to Andrew!

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