Friday, 4 April 2008

A little better......

Daily Profit £15.67

Overall, I'm happy with today's profit but I did pretty bad today. I was up £23 after 3 races and things were looking rosy. It looked like it was going to be a great day.......

I then managed to go on an unbelievable run of 7 losing races in a row (apart from a few lays on horses) and it wiped out all of my day's profit and more!

After a 5 minute break to compose my thoughts, I managed to get back in front and ended the day OK.

I traded in 18 races, winning on 8, losing on 8 and break-even on 2.

I increased my stakes slightly today and it at least managed to improve my daily profit. I'm starting to think that there is something psychological with me and using higher stakes. Every time I use higher stakes, my trading goes very erratic and I'm liable to pick out some really bad drifters! I backed a horse at 5 today with £30 and I put a stop loss of 5 ticks. Before I could blink, the stop loss had been met and I was all red! The horse then went on to start the race at 8!

I wasn't surprised to see Inglis Drever and Kauto Star lose today. They both had hard races at Cheltenham and I laid both to lose today for smallish stakes, so that helped the profit overall.

I'm looking forward to Aintree tomorrow again and I'm hoping that I can maybe improve my trading slightly and post up a healthier profit.

I noticed that Adam Scott has made a blistering start to the golf tournament. This sort of thing can mess up my whole golf strategy as most of my players will not come down in price considering Scott is so far in front. Could be a tricky week on the golf for me!

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