Friday, 25 April 2008

Maybe next time.......

Daily Profit £10.45

Today was never going to be my best day! There were only 2 races which met my betting criteria all afternoon and I looked at 1 race at night. Therefore, the maximum bets I could have had was 3.

I'm pleased to say that I kept my discipline today and didn't bet in any other races apart from these 3. Unfortunately, the horse I wanted to back in 2 of the 3 races proved to be a non-runner, so I was left with 1 race I analysed. Incidentally, the 2 horses I found are 2 winners in waiting, so I'll get my money on them next time!

Right, so the race I was left with was the 3.45 at Beverley. I went through the race last night and narrowed it down to 3 runners which I backed last night at nice prices. Unfortunately, my backs were only matched on 2 of the horses, so I had to back the other one at a lower price today.

Before the race, I talked through the runners with Knocker and he decided that Karmest would be the winner. This was the horse which I couldn't get backed during the day, so I backed it before the race as well.

5 minutes before the race, one of my other 2 went on a massive drift and I couldn't resist the temptation to back it. At the off, I ended up with a small return on Karmest and one of my other ones, and a huge return (£500) on my third runner. As it turns out, Karmest won easily and Knocker had picked another winner! Well done mate.

I don't regret my decision to move money from Karmest to my other horse as at the off, my other horse was better value. Still, a small profit is better than nothing!

In the 4.20 race, my main fancy was a non-runner, so I was left with 3 of my original shortlist. However, they were all very badly drawn, so I wasn't going to gamble on them. I'd happily take a riskree bet though......

At the off, I had £300, £156 and £27 riskfree bets. I traded them so well, I could even have generated a green profit of £17 at the off!

As it turns out, my horse with the £27 profit finished 3rd and my other 2 were beaten by the draw, so it wasn't to be.

I didn't even bother with the other race at night, so it was a £10.45 profit for the day from my 2 races.

I'm working a full day tomorrow, so Saturday may be my next day for gambling.

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