Wednesday, 2 April 2008

A small profit to start the month

Daily Profit £9.52

Another strange day on the horse-racing for me. I did OK but I’m suffering from a complete lack of confidence and I’m finding it quite hardwork.

I traded on 18 races today, winning on 10 and losing on 8. Not sure why I didn’t break-even on any but that's the way it went.

My largest win was £15.69 and my largest loss was £8.96. I had a few £5 losses though which pulled my profit down for the day.

I was up £16 after 6 races, so I maybe should have stopped then! I could have then said I made £16 an hour on the horses today……….

I’m trading tomorrow again, so I’ll see if I can improve on this profit somewhat.

I’ll be searching the golf market tonight for some bets, so I’ll post these up tomorrow night with a bit of luck.


Alistair said...

Hi Graeme,

Your not the only one that found today somewhat difficult. There seemed to be a lot of spoofers around today.

I came across you blog whilst searching blogger and wondered if you'd care to exchange links as I've recently embarked on a similar 'experiment to yours.

I've already added a link to yours at


Alistair Hamilton

footygeek said...

just wanted to wish you good luck with 'The Experiment'. I'm enjoying your insight into the golf markets.
Just added a link on my blog for your, if you'd like to swap.


Graeme Dand said...

Hi Alistair.

Managed to have a quick look at your blog last night mate.

It's probably typical that as soon as your results go public, you lose on the first day!

Good luck for your future trading.


Graeme Dand said...

Hi Footygeek.

Had a quick look at your blog last night. Looks quite interesting.

Being honest, without spending the time to read your early posts, I was struggling to understand what it is you're doing but I'll have a good read of your blog this weekend.

Like you, I have noticed a fair few new blogs popping up and it is good to see. Let's hope it continues.

Good luck with your football trading.