Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The Final Countdown.......

I decided against a selection today. I had a couple that were possible bets but the value wasn’t there in my opinion, so I was happy to pass. We did miss another winner (11/2) as a couple of you know but hey, that’s life!

I’ve already saw a couple for tomorrow I like, so expect a few selections tomorrow morning……

Firstly, I’ve decided that the free trial will stop on Friday. The purpose of this month was to show everyone what I can do and to gain some exposure. I don’t think an extra few days will make much difference and I’d rather spend some time across at the new site chatting to anyone who joins me there!

I’ve thought long and hard about the pricing structure for the new site and I don’t think many of you will be too disappointed. I won’t try to sell the site on here as it’s not what my blog is for but I’m hoping that my analysis and selections along with my honesty this month will sell itself!

If everything goes to plan, the site may be up and running tomorrow night. I’m putting the finishing touches to it and all I’m waiting for is Paypal getting back to me to confirm my new account. If I receive confirmation tomorrow, hopefully the appropriate links can be set up and after a few tests, we may be set to launch……

I don’t want to go on too long about the site but it is split into two parts. Without a log in, all you can see is the usual stuff along with an example of a race analysis. Once you are logged into the site, you see all of my analyses, post race reviews, chat room and forum and a few other things for subscribers.

As I’ve said before on here, the purpose of the site is to create a community where racing enthusiasts can discuss horse-racing. Obviously, you get all the analysis and selections from me like other ‘tipping’ sites but I want to create something that’s not matched anywhere else at the moment. As you know, my passion is horse-racing and finding winners and I’d love to be able to help some of you learn to do what I do. If you can pick up 10% of what I know, you’ll do well at this game and you won’t need me for very long!

In time, I want this site to become known as the place to discuss horse-racing and find winners. I’m not going to go chasing or advertising for people to come to the site and join. I want people to come looking for the site and to ask to be part of our community. Without some of you guys, none of this can happen though.

I’ve ‘met’ (emailed!) an amazing amount of people through my time on this blog and I don’t want that to end. Whatever happens, the blog will continue to function although I won’t be using it for race analysis or post race reviews. All of these will continue to be produced across at the new site.

I intend to use the blog to continue to document my daily profits and how the web site is going. Without the blog, I wouldn’t have had the ideas for any of this and I would never have got in contact with some of the people I write to now. Therefore, it’s important for me to continue to document my progress on here. I’m sure lots of you will be keen to see how this next chapter of The Experiment goes and you’ve been with me for 8 months now, so you can stay until the end!

If things go to plan, the website will be usable from tomorrow night. Like any new site, there will be various bugs around and things to fix but I’m hoping it’s not too bad. After that, the next part of The Experiment is out of my hands and it relies on your continued support…….


NS said...

Looking forward to seeing the new website and learning about the form - all the best for the future.


Anonymous said...

Why am I feeling nervous?

Very best wishes for your brave new venture Graeme.


Graeme Dand said...

Cheers for the support guys.

Fingers crossed for next month. Looking forward to sharing some of my thoughts with you both.....