Friday, 26 September 2008

"Ran into a wall of trouble"

Daily Loss £100.00

Going to keep this short tonight as I’ve had a long week and I’ve had a nightmare with Paypal on the site tonight. It seems that Paypal won’t accept some cards but I’ve got a way around it, so it shouldn’t do too much damage. If anyone has any problems, just let me know.

Well, today was the last day of the free month and after somehow managing to get Overrule beaten last time when it was so well handicapped, I’ve managed to repeat it again today! I’ve now lost £120 (6 tipping points) on a horse which has finished in front of 28 horses in two starts and last time, it would have won by 2 lengths without the winner and today, it would have won by 4 lengths easily without the winner.

Last time, it was given a very poor ride in my opinion and having watched the replay tonight, I struggle for words to describe the ride today. Obviously, the winner has won well but Overrule gave it a dozen lengths start. The RP said “effort when ran into wall of trouble 2f out” and that just about sums it up. It was well backed again today and the trainer must be pulling his hair out.

I said last time it was the best bet of the month and I hinted at that again today and I really can’t believe it has lost again. If there is one day it sums up my month, it’s today.

My first selection today was Totally Focussed and it has finished 16th of 16 beaten 40 lengths. Absolutely tailed off by miles and it really doesn’t get any worse than that! As I said this morning, I had a feeling it was an AW horse but I took a chance it may have handled the ground today. Clearly, the horse is an AW horse and it cost us 1 point to find out. Next time, it should be a decent price back on the AW, so I’d keep the faith with it and give it another shot to prove it is well handicapped.

My final selection also sums up the month. The Racing Post comment was “slowly into stride and rear, ridden along well over 2f out, switched right and good headway on outer over 1f out, finished strongly.”

This was Harvest Warrior and as I said this morning, it stays on very late in the day over 8f and next time, probably over 9f or 10f, this would be approaching a penalty kick. Not much good for my free month but I’ll happily take the luck I’m due next month.

3 selections on the day. A tailed off last, an unlucky loser and an eye-catcher…..Nothing new there then!

I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad to see the back of a month as I will be for this month. I’ve even moved into a loss personally on the month which is disappointing as I have only had 1 losing month this year, but I’ll hopefully turn that around this weekend.

One point I’ve always made on here is that I really don’t believe that luck comes into horse-racing punting in the long-term. Obviously, everyone goes through a run of bad luck and I’ve had mines this month but that’s life…..

I’ll do a post tomorrow night concerning the results this month and it won’t be a pretty read. As the anonymous commenter keeps reminding me, it’s been a bad month. I have all the detailed results and whatever way you look at it, it’s not been a great month. If the name of the game was to select seconds I’d be having a great month but winners are what matters and I haven’t had enough of these.

Personally, the most interesting stat is the fact that around one third of my horses have finished well beaten. That’s the sort of thing that layers would be aiming for. :)

I’ll probably have to revise my target for the number of points I aim to win in the next 12 months then……. I’ll aim for 240 points now as I think 360 may be a little ambitious after seeing what’s happened this month.

240 points in 12 months…..Sounds easy!!!! :)


Anonymous said...

360 points ? Is that losing 360 ?

Anonymous said...

Some people really do have nothing better to do with their time!!!

Have you not discovered Facebook or Spankwire yet, anonymous?

Cassini said...

Hey Graeme - I added a link to your blog. Good luck next month.

Dave said...


You really need to get a life son. If you don't like the guy's blog, don't read the thing then.

I think the truth is you are jealous of the fact he is giving this a go and trying to make something out of the game.

Get a life.

Good Luck G.


Andrew said...

Well said Dave…
If I was Graeme I’d just delete every comment he made - to constantly snide from behind a mask of anonymity is pathetic.

GeorgeH said...

Hi Graeme,
This is some great blog article. Must have taken you ages to cobble it all together, what with all the links.

Did you have a winner today? Or is that privileged info?

Anyway, best wishes and good luck.