Friday, 22 August 2008


Daily Loss £30

Disappointing to sign off with a loss before I go on holiday but I didn’t have much luck again today.

I managed to watch 3 races today and each one made me slightly annoyed.

In the big 1m5f Ebor-like race, Tropical Strait got an appalling run through and by the time he got out, the winner had flown. Annoyingly, the winner was one of them that was held by my other two on the complicated form lines but I did sort of know that it was a potential improver, so I could have maybe factored this in more. I’ll learn.....

Whatever way you look at it, a 2nd at 9/1 in a nightmare 20 runner handicap isn’t a bad shout but it doesn’t get me anywhere in the tipping comp. I backed this for £10 and had £5 win on the other two who didn’t run to form. That’s maybe slightly harsh as Formax was 6th and was held up in last place, so he came fast and late. Too late to matter though!

In the second race, I narrowed it down to 2 horses and for the 4th time this week, I’ve opted for the wrong horse. In 4 out of 8 races for the tipster comp, I’ve narrowed it down to 2 and selected the wrong horse every bloody time. 3 favourites have won and Space Pirate at 11/1, so it is a bit frustrating.

One of the hardest things in reading form is picking which form line is the strongest. I have managed to find the correct form line twice today and not backed the correct horse either time. This should have been easy here as there were only two on the form line and I picked the wrong one!

Gift Horse finished 5th which again reads as a never nearer 5th of 17 at 7/1 which isn’t a bad pick. You get nothing in this game for consistency I’m afraid!

The last race I saw today was when I got in and saw Gentle Guru absolutely hose up at 11/4. I couldn’t believe the price to be honest as it was odds on the other night when it beat Malapropism but it won even easier here under a penalty. Therefore, Mala had basically had no chance of beating it the other night and ran well to get as close to it as he did.

At the moment, I’m now sitting at £0 in the tipping comp after 8 selections which makes me smile. This is probably the least amount I could have won this week but when you think I haven’t done that well or had much luck, then to not make a loss shows that I’m doing something right.

Andrew has kindly agreed to look after the blog while I’m away so you don’t get too bored, so that should give you something to read in my absence! I’m sure he’d be keen on some feedback and comments to his posts, so don’t be shy……

I’ll be back on here a week on Monday 1st September reviewing any selections I may have given out as a tip that day, so I’ll look forward to that. If anyone still hasn’t dropped me an email yet to get on the distribution list, this week will be your last chance before the fun starts next month.

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